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Short history

Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery


The Faculty of Dentistry of the State Medical Institute in Chisinau was founded on the 8thof July 1959 by Order no. 122. The three chairs with dental profile (therapy, orthopedics and dental surgery) were set up in July 1961.

With the establishment of the Department of Dental Surgery according to Order no. 84 of the 19thof May 1960 of the State Medical Institute of Chisinau, with the aim of preparing the teaching staff for the respective chair, it was proposed to register two candidates in the clinical secondary school: Doctors Arsenie Gutan and Vladimir Ocusco.

From May the 25th, 1960 until December the 30th 1961, the doctors, who are submitted to the chair, are studying in the clinical secondary school: A. Gutan at the Institute of Medicine no. 1 "acad. I.P. Pavlov "in Sankt-Petersburg, then Leningrad, and V. Ocusco at the Medical Institute of Dentistry in Moscow. Until their return from Secondary Masters, the teacher-teacher training at the chair was carried out in other ways as the nominated group formed only a small core of the contingent that the chair needed to start the teaching of dental surgery in the academic year 1961 -1962.

First, the rector Nicolae Testemitanu decides to supplement the leadership positions of the newly-formed chair by specialists invited from other institutions and territories of the USSR. Thus, Professor Nicolae Fetisov from Kiev was asked to take the position of Chief of the Department of Surgery Dentistry. On August the 31st, 1961, the Order of the Rector no.120 is presented, where Professor Nicolae Fetisov is appointed Head of the Department of Surgery.

 Another general surgeon Vasile Titarev, on July the 1st, 1960, is appointed as an associate professor at the Department of Surgery and responsible for the oro-maxillo-facial surgery. In 1961, on September the 4th, he was transferred from the Department of Hospital Surgery to the Chair of Dental Surgery as interim lecturer. Vasile Titarev actively participates in the founding of the Department of Surgery, and in 1964 he is offered the title of lecturer at that department. He was in office until June the 3rd, 1978. After completing clinical secondary care, in January 1962, doctors A. Gutan and V. Ocusco return to their native place and are employed as assistant professors. Thus, from this group begins the formation of the teaching staff of the chair. During this period (1965) the first thesis of Doctor of Medical Sciences is supported by Mr. V. Ocusco, devoted to the problems of periodontitis.

The following professors were activated and formed as specialists at this department: the academics Gheorghe Tibirna, Ion Lupan; professors I. Muntenu, P. Godoroja; lecturers V. Ouatu, T. Popovici, I. Iluta; assistants V. Cojocaru, S. Lungu, A. Cebanu, E. Suslov. The clinic's base was: The MS Dental Clinic with the CH OMF station, the Municipal Dental Clinic, the oro-maxilo-facial surgery (Republican Clinical Hospital, Emergency Clinical Hospital).

Until 1971, physicians who were active in dental surgeries completed their theoretical knowledge and perfected their professional skills by practicing at the department. With the increase in the number of dental surgeons in the surgical field, there has been a need to organize Physical Training Courses within the faculty (CPM). In December 1971, the Department of Dental Surgery, Associate Professor Arsenie Gutan, and Assistant Valentin Topalo, a candidate in medical sciences, went to Moscow Institute of Stomatology to take over the experience and methodology of physicians' improvement in dental surgery. Subsequently, the Methodology and Program for Physicians' Training at the Institute of Dentistry in Targu Mures were implemented. Moscow at the Department of Dental Surgery of the Medical Institute in Chisinau. Responsible for the training of physicians at the chair was Assistant Professor V. Topalo. The training was done through lectures, seminars and practical lessons attended by the instructors Arsenie Gutan and Vasile Titarev.

On November the 16th, 1977, by the Order of Rector NLS-362, assistant V. Topalo is appointed as an associate professor, and the training course was transferred to CPM and combined with a dental orthopedic course, established in 1972. At that time, the body didactic course of the orthopedics course and dental surgery was made up of the head of the course - professor Mihail Buşan, docent Valentin Topalo, and Gheorghe Spataru, Gheorghe Cebanachi, candidates in medical sciences.

On October the 25th, 1996, by Order of the Rector of USMF “Nicolae Testemitanu”, no. 947-PS, this subdivision was divided into the orthopedic stomatology course (Chief - Mihail Busan, Univ. prof.) And the Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Course (Chief - Valentin Topalo, Univ. prof.). With the transfer of Gheorghe Spataru University Assistant in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, the orthopedic course was merged with the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry of the Faculty of Dentistry.

In 1996, in the composition of the OMF Surgery course, as the assistant, the medical doctor Aureliu Ciobanu was elected. On October the 26th, 1999, through the Rector's Ordinance no. 1097-CU, the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries and Orthopedic Dentistry was created at CPM Faculty. Initially, the following cadres were composed: Valentin Topalo, professor, head of department, Eugeniu Chiriac, associate professor (orthopedics department); Gheorghe Cebanachi, associate professor; Aureliu Ciobanu, assistant professor. On the 24thof September 2002, by Order of the Rector no. 968-CU, including the university professors, Arsenie Gutan, Ion Munteanu and the assistant professor Aureliu Gumeniuc (orthopedics department). Along with organizing the training courses for physicians in the field of oral implantology through the Order of Rector no. 1097 of September the 24th, 2008, the chair was named "Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Chair, Otoropedic Dentistry and Oral Implantology". On January the 20th, 2010, the founder of oro-maxilo-facial surgery, the Moldovan dentist, Arsenie Gutan, went to the world of the righteous.

In 2012, the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopedic Dentistry and Oral Implantology of the Continuous Training Faculty was merged with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Faculty of Dentistry), thus creating a new chair called " Oral and maxillo-facial surgery and oral implantology "Arsenie Gutan" ". The head of the chair was named Professor Valentin Topalo. In 2015, the discipline "Propedeutics in OMF surgery and dental implantology" was included in the chair's study program, and the head of the department was named Nicolae Chele, associate professor.